Virtual CFO Services

Business of any sizes always have to deal with compliance, financial documentations preparations, and basic bookkeeping tasks. These tasks can be time consuming and confusing most of the time. Not all business owners have experience in finance or management. Business owners may be able to operate business but have lack of understanding in financial information and Business Management.

The role of CFO is to bridge the gap between the operations, management, finance and technology. The CFO can be a key to success for your business. The role of CFO requires building smart strategies for your business and no one is interested to know that the funds are not enough. Business owners want to know where business is lacking and what can be improved. What are the numbers representing and in how can these numbers be changed so that it benefits the business? CFO from outside can motivate business owners to change and offer them real-life scenarios which may be different to the existing business but offers true insight into the problems and how those issues can be resolved. The role of CFO is to understand the business, understand the issues, develop strategies, develop projected financials and demonstrate the future state of the business with multiple outcomes. CFO engages with the business owner in preparing budget, financial reports, cashflow management, resource management and planning for the future.

When Business continues to grow having an access to a financial expert become critical. Our cost-effective virtual CFO services will provide the financial support you need to manage the growth of your business.  Our virtual CFO service offers the financial clarity you need to grow your business profits and reach strategic goals. We assist you to identify problems, implement solutions, plan and execute your goals which will lead you to maximum profits, increased cash-flows, and sustainability. 

Some of the key functions where our Virtual CFO can assist your business with;

  • Business Management
  • Business Planning
  • Financial Management
  • Financial Reporting
  • Cash-flow Management
  • Resource Management
  • Business & Financial Analysis
  • Business Growth
  • Revenue Management

Small to Medium Sized businesses cannot afford to hire a CFO, it would be very costly exercise for them. However, at Cloud Business Accounting and Consulting we offer virtual CFO services with the fraction of the costs of hiring a full-time CFO. Our services can be hired an ad-hoc or an ongoing basis. We can be your part-time virtual CFO providing agreed support.

Virtual CFO
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